Think of your mercies

14 Jul


Something to be positive about:

Living in a place where I can get to a major city within a few hours, but am surrounded by sights so beautiful that, well, sometimes it just takes my breath away.

This place has had its hard times – jobs are few, problems are many. But there is space. Space to breathe and think. When it begins to feel like there’s no escape, that people, noise and bustle are pushing in, how helpful it is to sit by the river, walk in the woods, climb a hill. How comforting it is to know that I can look to the Ochils and know that beyond there are so many miles of emptiness. Then there’s the Forth – so still from a distance but when you walk close it’s a myriad of patterns , the wakes of seals, the tiny whirlpools, as the tide and ebb dance around each other.

We’re not in the land of clans, seannachies, bold princes and beautiful queans here – our people were miners, mill workers, fishing folk, brewers. They made glass and wool. Our ancestors could stand in their own homes and hear battles raging. This is a place of work and warfare, but yet we can look around us and give thanks for all the beauty.

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