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A wee bit about me

Hello, I’ m Evelyn.

History lover, arty type, keen walker, would be outdoorsy sort. Proud Scot but not in a ‘Brave heart sort of way.’😉 I’m lumbered with a combination of mental health problems and I find all of these activities escapist and therapeutic, although I probably should spend more time doing them and less watching telly…

Yes, I’ll admit that I wouldn’t mind making some cash out of writing. In fact, I’d love to write an historical novel …now I just have to decide where and when to set it…

So here are some of the things I ‘ would like to’ do, in no particular order

1. Write that novel!
2. Live in a caravan in the woods
3. Become physically and mentally fitter.
4. Learn about politics and the law
5. Become a better artist
6. Help people with mental health problems
7. Do more horse riding

I’ ll be writing about history, art, mental health, walks I’ be been on and well, basically anything in the news that grabs my interest.

I don’t have any decent photos but I will get some. I might even post up some of my drawings if I have the nerve!

I hope you enjoy my wanderings☺

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